How to Build a Personal Brand and Actually Produce Engaging Content on Social Media (w/ Lauren Tickner, Business and Personal Branding Coach)



Episode #44

Lauren Tickner is a fitness coach turned business coach that teaches how to build an engaged audience, how to build a personal brand, and then how to later convert your audience into paying clients for coaching and education programs.

In this conversation we talked about tips for content creation and working on your personal brand, how to find a niche and how to get clear on your message. 

Lauren and I initially connected on Instagram and I was very impressed by how much followers and engagement she has – so we definitely talked a lot about tips for Instagram as well. Lauren shared some super valuable insights and we actually opened Lauren’s Instagram profile while we were recording this to go over things. I described everything for you if you’re listening to this in podcast format but just know that the video version on Youtube holds the actual footage. If you’re into Instagram growth (and social media growth in general) – you’ll love this episode.

In the last part of this episode Lauren also shared how her team is structured and how she built her coaching program.

I really enjoyed talking to her, and learned a lot from this conversation – so hope you will too.

Ladies and Gents – it’s my pleasure to introduce to you: Lauren Tickner!


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