How to Be a Freelancer – and why content is a huge part of it (w/ Jason Resnick, Founder of the ‘Live in the Feast’ Podcast)



Episode #28 - Jason Resnick

My guest on the show today is Jason Resnick.

Jason is a Work-from-home dad, WordPress Developer, Founder of the weekly Podcast call ‘Live in The Feast’ and his daily podcast ‘Ask Rezzz’, and a coach for other freelancers.

He helps other freelancers with their business by teaching them how to differentiate themselves in the market and build recurring revenue. For that he uses what he calls The Feast model.

In this episode Jason and I talk about Freelancing, what things can help a freelancer always be choosing clients instead of taking on whichever client show up first. We talked about content creation and why it’s so important, about selling info-products and running a mailing list, and more.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Sagi introduced Jason Resnick. [00:00:30]

  • Jason talks about his life story and background. [00:02:07]

  • Jason explained why his podcast is called “Live in the Feast”. [00:09:00]

  • Talks about the struggles of a freelancer. [00:10:49]

  • Talks about putting yourself in front, skills, content. [00:17:45]

  • Jason shares his suggestions to those who want to start in freelancing and creating a content. [00:21:13]

  • Talks about building your business by sharing other people’s content. Talks about serving others and serving your family. [00:24:22]

  • Being mindful in what you do. Engaging to the community. [00:32:40]

  • Jason answers a question about social media (trolls and haters). [00:37:38]

  • Talks about his email campaign and using Bonjoro. [00:40:56]

  • Jason’s info-products. [00:46:18]

  • Strategy to sell his info-products. [00:51:50]

  • Talks about data points and automation. [00:55:40]

  • Jason’s recommendations. [00:59:15]

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