Creating & Selling Online Courses Around Your Skills (w/ Greg Rog, Founder of

Creating & Selling online courses around your skills with Greg Rog



Episode #36

My guest this week is Greg Rog – a Polish designer & entrepreneur that managed to create an online empire out of his skills.

Greg started out with creating a local Polish design blog, and one day started selling online courses on his site. He then reached out to other creatives to create online courses on his site and started promoting and selling those as well. Eventually this turned his blog into the main Polish hub for online courses for creatives.

Later on Greg moved on to developing a hub for UI/UX design courses, in English, for the international audience.

He built a brand by writing on Medium and guest writing on popular design publications, and then repurposed his courses to Udemy and other platforms to increase reach.

Greg is an inspiration, and I waited a long time to talk to him about his process for creating and monetizing online courses and his mindset around this.

We talked about the importance of tools, and the meaning of them to us as professionals. We talked about learning how to learn, and about tips for newbies when it comes to creating online courses. Like what’s the best platform and the process to create a great course.

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