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The Importance of having a Vision (w/ Calvin Wayman — Best Selling Author, Coach and Entrepreneur)

Calvin Wayman is an extremely successful entrepreneur: A best selling author, a podcaster (Curious with Calvin Wayman), speaks about creative entrepreneurship and social media across the globe, has a social media agency that he built from scratch. But most of all – he’s my personal life & business coach! He took me from my worst entrepreneurial moment and brought me to success!

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What does Mindful & Ruthless even mean? (w/ Sagi Shrieber – Designer & Entrepreneur)

Hey everybody! After already having recorded 14 episodes interviewing some of the most successful creative entrepreneurs I know – I thought this was time to make the much needed intro episode to the show. In this episode I share my story, my journey, and what brought me to launching this community in the first place. I talk about my previous podcasts and communities, about my failures and successes, and about the meaning of the name Mindful & Ruthless.

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Find a niche you love, specialize, succeed (w/ Samuel Hulick, UserOnboard.com)

Our guest today is none other than Samuel Hulick, Founder, of UserOnboard.

Samuel started as a developer, and eventually found himself focussing on UX design and customer success. That led him to find that one crucial part of the experience that leads to customers being successful in the product, is the user onboarding experience. From there, he only kept moving up the staircase, became a user onboarding specialist, founded UserOnboard.com, and wrote a book about it.

Samuel wrote his e-book, ‘The Elements of User Onboarding’, entirely on Keynote, which was later developed into a whole package, where he shares teardowns, tactics, strategies and what he learned onboard.

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