Tips for Outsourcing and Hiring a Virtual Team – (w/ David Young, Fellow SPI Accelerator Member and Founder of DroneLaunchAcademy)

Hey everybody, today on the show I brought on my friend and fellow member of SPI Accelerator – David Young. David is the founder of DroneLaunchAcademy and is now selling online trainings and physical products, with revenue on the high end of 6 figures. But it wasn’t always like that. Today David and I talk about one super important aspect of building an online business which I don’t find many people talking about these days – and that’s – Growing a Remote Team.

Grow your business by finding your target audience – (w/ Joon Han,

Hey everyone, today we talk about how to grow your business, mainly from putting major focus on your target audience, and how to find that target audience. My guest today is Joon Han – an amazing human being and a successful entrepreneur from San Diego California. Joon has a Tedx talk – Get Ahead by Giving Back, and he definitely follows what he preaches.

Building Superfans & content creation tips on breaking through the noise – (w/ Pat Flynn)

Hey everyone, today I have a special episode for you, for two reasons. first – the guest today is someone you probably know very well if you’re a listener of this podcast. My guest today is Pat Flynn – founder of Smart Passive Income! I actually interviewed Pat in episode #8 of this podcast, and also was interviewed by him on SPI episode 326, so be sure to listen to those if you haven’t yet.

How to find your voice as a content creator (w/ Justin Jackson)

Today I have Justin Jackson on the show. Justin is a coder, a writer, a father AND a mega-successful entrepreneur who managed to build a huge community around his values and skills and launch multiple products to them, including online courses and digital software such as I was really inspired by Justin’s repurposing game and how he shows up everywhere openly sharing his thoughts and ideas. In this episode we talked about how to find your voice as a content creator.